Ahlers Aerospace, Inc. of Hurst, Texas has acquired Executive Instruments and its subsidiary Executive Technical Services of Addison, Texas.

Ahlers Aerospace produces a Speed Reluctance Transducer 109-40005.

Ahlers Aerospace produces a Transmitter for the flap position of Boeing 707 variants. The KC135 uses P22-1 and P35-1 type transmitters.

Contact Ahlers Aerospace for all your transmitter needs.

Ahlers Aerospace produces a Fuel Level Transmitter that is unaffected by Radio Transmissions. 

The AAI 121-(ZZZZ) series of fuel probes are used without a faraday screen surrounding non-metallic tanks or bladders.  The screen was necessary to block EMI.  The AAI transmitters allows the removal of the screen and provides a reduction of  aircraft weight.

Angled or straight with varying length let AAI produce a fuel probe for you.

FAA-PMA Replacement for TOT used on the Bell Model 206L-3 Helicopter

The Ahlers turbine outlet temperature (TOT) indicator AAI206-375-007-103 is FAA-PMA replacement for the TOT used on the Bell Model 206L-3. Benefiting from updated electronics, the instrument uses less power and runs cooler with increased life so that we can offer a three-year factory warranty. 

Bell 407 Dual Tach Replacement

Transport Canada STC SN13-30



Ahlers Aerospace Inc. provides:


  • Manufacture of New Aircraft Instruments - Design & Manufacture to Specifications


  • Repair / Overhaul - Certified Repair Station


  • Night Vision Modifications - NVIS White, Green A, Green B, External Modifications, Eyebrow, Post Lights, etc.


  • Environmental Testing - DO-160, MIL-STD-810


  • Machine Shop - CNC Mill & Lathe


On the following pages you will find more information about our company and our services. It would be our pleasure to be able to help you.